BorderWorks Group


Delivering Value

Identifying Strategic Homeland Security Opportunities for a Major Technology Company

A major technology company doing a large amount of national security work needed a strategic approach to Homeland Security business expansion. The company engaged BorderWorks to develop opportunities for significant new work in border security and trade enforcement. BorderWorks has helped the client understand the operational environment along the border and past successes and failures of border security technology acquisitions and deployments. With this strategic perspective, BorderWorks and the client are refining operational and technical requirements, and BorderWorks will facilitate the client's business by preparing and executing an engagement strategy.  

Expanding North America's West Coast Air Cargo Capacity at a Major Mexican Airport

A new air cargo terminal facility in Mexico hired BorderWorks to evaluate opportunities to expedite the movement of cargo into the United States, including potentially through a collaborative relationship with U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). BorderWorks provided extensive background on the security and facilitation issues involved with the movement of air cargo into the United States, as well as first-hand knowledge on collaborative U.S.-Mexican efforts to expedite the processing of cargo crossing our border. BorderWorks has provided extensive advice to the client about the advantages, challenges, and costs associated with expedited cargo processing, and is leading the client's engagement with local stakeholders and CBP. 

Developing a Homeland Security Strategy for a Start-up Biometric Technology Company

A start-up company with a groundbreaking biometric technology brought on BorderWorks to help it devise a strategy for engaging law enforcement and border management agencies in the United States and internationally, in particularly Mexico and Europe. BorderWorks identified key contact points across agencies and countries who were actively exploring biometric technology and solutions, and lead the effort to introduce the client's technology to these stakeholders. Through its expertise and reputation, BorderWorks created opportunities for the client that the client did not previously have.