BorderWorks Group


Unique Relationships

A network that spans North America

Solving complex border problems often requires work both in the originating country and the destination country, which presents clients with a challenge in terms of finding the necessary expertise in both countries. BorderWorks can solve that problem for you. We have partnerships with former senior officials from both the Mexican and Canadian governments, as well as additional former U.S. government officials, that allow us to bring the right expertise to the table for you. Whether it is strategic advice on the threat environment, or technical expertise on border processing and information technology systems, we will put together the right team to solve your problem. 

Among our partners are leading security and border consultancies in Mexico and Canada:

  • Grupo Atalaya. Founded and led by Gustavo Mohar, the former Chief Secretary of Mexico's National Intelligence and Security Center (Centro de Inteligencia Nacional y de Seguridad or CISEN).
  • CrossPoint Integrated Strategies, Inc. Founded and led by Luc Portelance, the former President of Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA).