BorderWorks Group


BorderWorks Advisors

Strategic advisory services

Homeland and border security present unique challenges, from an evolving threat environment to government regulation to strategic uncertainty. We have the experience to help you confront and overcome these challenges. With years of experience addressing some of the most complex homeland and border security issues, BorderWorks Advisors can help you:     

       *Understand the homeland and border security enterprise in order to develop successful strategies to achieve your security or business goals;

       *Evaluate new technologies for use in the border environment and by law enforcement agencies;

       *Review supply chain security and identify improvements to protect your cargo, business, and reputation;

       *Strengthen cargo and passenger targeting and vetting to identify and mitigate threats;

       *Pursue collaborative relationships, including through preclearance and preinspection, with border management and security agencies;

       *Manage and mitigate unexpected events and crises that affect cross-border operations;

       *Conduct strategic reviews of your operations and implement innovative strategies to meet your objectives; and,

       *Implement cutting-edge security strategies for events, facilities, and operations.