BorderWorks Group


The Strategic Homeland Security Advisory Firm

An innovative and strategic approach to the future of  homeland security

BorderWorks is a specialized firm led by Alan Bersin that brings together leading policy experts on 21st Century border management and the next generation of homeland security. With a unique strategic perspective on how borders have evolved and best practices in border management, we help clients improve security and facilitate the movement of people and goods across international borders. BorderWorks doesn't just describe programs to clients, we help them fully understand the strategic environment in order to solve modern border challenges and create long-term value. Contact BorderWorks to set up a consultation and discuss how we can help you.





Areas of Expertise

Innovative border security

Border security is more than just intercepting illicit activity at the physical border. BorderWorks Advisors has extensive experience working with law enforcement agencies to identify and refine security requirements and to implement layered security strategies. We help firms understand those requirements in developing their products.

Next Generation Passenger Screening

Passenger screening is undergoing continuous technological change, as biometrics and advanced analytics allow travel flows to be processed more rapidly and securely than ever before. BorderWorks can help governments and firms capitalize on this rapid change and develop cutting edge solutions to identify potential threats while speeding lawful travel. 

Faster, More secure Trade

Trade and border security are not mutually exclusive goals but rather two sides of the same process. BorderWorks Advisors helps firms and governments use public/private partnerships and advanced analytics to develop win-win approaches to processing goods as efficiently and securely as possible. 

Modernizing Border infrastructure

Recent legislative and regulatory changes have opened North America's cross border infrastructure to private investment.  BorderWorks' partners are leading experts in public/private partnerships at border crossings, and can help you identify, develop, and realize opportunities.  

The Future of North America

BorderWorks believes the long-term integration of the North American economy will continue. With unmatched relationships in Mexico and Canada, including a partnership with the leading Mexican security consultancy Grupo Atalaya and Canadian border consultancy CrossPointe Integrated Strategies, BorderWorks is uniquely positioned to develop opportunities to realize long-term growth.

Change leadership and strategy

Change is not easy. BorderWorks Advisors' principals are adept at navigating the complexities of institutional change in order to solve problems and produce results. We can assist you and your organization in assessing roadblocks to success and implementing changes to create success.


Does your company have a strategic approach to Homeland Security opportunities? 

Is your agency facing new and rapidly evolving border management challenges?

BorderWorks can help.